Cloves (Syzygium aromaticum)

Product Description

Cloves are dried whole buds used for flavor of sweet and savory foods. Ground clove is used for extraction of oil for pharmaceuticals and perfumes. There are three major categories of cloves that are exported overseas:

  • Cloves handpick – highest grade of cloves which is well sorted and free from impurities. This grade has less than 10% headless cloves and contains no leaves or baby cloves.

  • Cloves grade 1 – contains less than 2% of cloves stems and other impurities. It has very less baby cloves and less than 25% of headless cloves. This grade is usually bright in color and less than 12% in moisture.

  • Cloves FAQ – this grade is bright in color and contains 3-4% extraneous matter.

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